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Using WordPress but tired of MySQL?

Want to have a fast, static blog?

Use Jekyll.

Using Jekyll but want a better UI?

Use OctoPress.

Using OctoPress but want to use Python instead of Ruby?

Use Hyde.

Using Hyde but want to use Dropbox to hold your files?

Use Pelican.

Using Pelican but want good search, analytics and plugins?

Use WordPress.


Good thing I’ve been on WP all along and intend on staying here.


A response to Marco Arment about ADN Freemium

Today, (ADN), the social network that made me drop all others made an important announcement – that it is going to allow free accounts that are invited by currently paying members. I did not intend on writing a blog post about it because this is news that has already spread through wildfire in the tech community. Some have lauded and some criticized it. But the post that made me write is this commentary by Marco Arment.

Marco argues that while such news is welcome, ADN needs to do more to promote user growth instead of focusing on developing the API. He goes on to state that the main reason people are signing up is the twitter like functionality sans the spam and advertisements and instead of building file storage APIs, the team should develop spam protection and open the gates completely to free members. Continue reading

So, what happened??

Bad stuff happens. I loved HelioHost. They have some really good services. I specially liked them because I like playing with software and they gave me a big play ground.

But, they had frequent downtimes. Their servers were always crashing. But, and I thank them for their smarts, they always recovered all the data. So, I felt secure.

Bad idea.

I did not login to my CPanel in a long time. Hey, if everything is running and everyone is happy, why mess with it? But that was a mistake. A bigger mistake? Not taking a backup. CPanel has this great feature that you can back up your entire site, databases and all, to a file on your hard disk. Good for them. HelioHost has this amazing feature that if a person doesn’t log into their CPanel for more than 30 days, their response is – “This person is wasting our resources, destroy all their data and account info without sending them a warning email!”


So, where am I now?
I like this site. 5 MySQL databases for free, lots of features and close to 100% uptime. Good idea indeed. I just have to verify their “didn’t login to CPanel for 30 days” policy and if that works out, I’m happy! 🙂

I will be covering more about serversfree and some things I’m doing on this site in the coming months. Hopefully, this blog will not have been deleted by then!


Update: A lot of people have been coming to this blog post looking to find out if serversfree is a good idea for hosting  your site. All I have to say is that I am no longer with ServersFree. They have a great service, but as soon as my blog had any kind of traction, they started complaining that I was using too many MySQL resources. I tried using a variety of caching services, but to no avail. If you want to host a static website or a blog that you believe will be for yourself only, ServersFree is a great place to be. But anything beyond that and they’ll start pressing you for paid hosting. When that happens, come and join me on NearlyFreeSpeech. It’s a great paid hoster that’s giving me really good service for a  really low price. In case you decide to host your blog on ServersFree, do make sure you use the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin.