Instapaper finally has a replacement

All those of you who still remember reading paper based books, think about one thing – did you ever keep a separate notebook to make notes about your comments on certain sections of the book or to mark sections you really liked? Wasn’t it just better to just mark the sections in the book itself, wasn’t that more convenient and when you’d pick it up again, you’d remember the context? Similarly, in the digital world of web pages and ebooks, what’s better, keeping a separate service that you use to mark web pages you liked or to keep a single service where you can save the web pages, your comments and bookmarks and even be able to search through it all?

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App Review:

Whenever a trend comes to the social network scene, it comes with a flood of apps and services that do the exact same thing. I recently signed up for a service called TimeHop. It’s a neat service that emails you every day with details of posts that you made on your various social networks exactly a year ago. is an iOS app that connects to your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and basically records everything you post online every day. Also, the service sends you emails every few days reminding you of things you did a few years ago. Sounds familiar? Yep, TimeHop does pretty much the same thing. What’s the difference? Well, collects all that information that you post daily and saves it ON THEIR SERVERS. Awesome way to have your data protected isn’t it?


Anyways, Coming to the most important part of this blog post, Am I keeping this app? Points –

1. Beautiful UI

2. You can see all you do in a stream, from across all your social networks.

3. You can tag your  posts for your own reference since all of it is totally private

4. All your data that’s kept on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will now also be stored on their servers.


So? Am I keeping it? No. It’s out of my phone. Sorry guys!

App Review: Cooliris

I have close to 130 apps on my phone. Recently, I filled up a folder of apps I’ve been testing out and decided to review one as soon as the folder is full and needs movement.

Today is that day and the app that I’ll be reviewing is – Cooliris.

Cooliris first started out as a web app and a browser extension to look at Google Image searches in a fancy way. The app, long time in the making, also does that. Plus, the app lets you look at your facebook feed pics and your phone or iPad’s photo roll too. Continue reading

Chrome Web Store – Undirect


Removes redirection tracking of clicks on search results in google.



Just wanted to highlight a great tool in Google Chrome. When you do a google search, each search link is a weird long link that Google generates to track what you’re doing.

This tool simply replaces that long link with the original link, making your life easier. Redirection is an issue because in countries like India where the Internet is already slow, redirection Google-style wastes your time.

Next up, I’m looking for a similar tool to fix Facebook links…