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App Review: Cooliris

I have close to 130 apps on my phone. Recently, I filled up a folder of apps I’ve been testing out and decided to review one as soon as the folder is full and needs movement.

Today is that day and the app that I’ll be reviewing is – Cooliris.

Cooliris first started out as a web app and a browser extension to look at Google Image searches in a fancy way. The app, long time in the making, also does that. Plus, the app lets you look at your facebook feed pics and your phone or iPad’s photo roll too.

The images are displayed on a slick 3D wall that is hyper-interactive. I love the look and feel of the app, specially since the web app needed to be controlled with a mouse but the iOS app feels much better, controlled by your touch. The following is a screenshot of my Instagram feed on Cooliris. The App supports feeds from my iPhone, Facebook and Instagram accounts and the default for the web app – Google Image searches.

The app did not even crash once in the many times that I used it. Over all a great experience.

Cooliris also has a pretty cool feature that I loved. It’s the ability to start a conversation with your friends with cooliris contributing images to the chat… Unfortunately, I had no way to test the feature as none of my friends are early adopters… 😛 Here’s a screenshot of the Demo conversation included in the app –

So is it a hit or a miss? It’s a hit and it’s taking up some much warranted space on my phone. 🙂

So now, my App Sandbox looks like this –

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