Notes on setting up Freedbin

Here are some notes on how to setup Rachel Sharp‘s Freedbin, which is a docker version of the popular Feedbin RSS feed reader. I had some trouble setting this up on my Windows 10 machine. A lot of issues I faced had to do with setup and environmental variables. I don’t think I faced anyContinue reading “Notes on setting up Freedbin”

How to make GIFs of sites using WayBackMachine

So… I like following fivethirtyeight’s interesting 2016 Election Prediction page. It shows the ups and downs and the general mood of the election. I’ve been staring at it for so long that I wanted to collect the daily changes and make a nice GIF. I know the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine collects archives of popular websites, so IContinue reading “How to make GIFs of sites using WayBackMachine”

Here’s some love for LinkedIn Users

Some time ago, my brother came to me with a problem. He loves LinkedIn. It’s a great service. But as much as he loves connecting with people on that professional network, there are some glaring inefficiencies that he does not appreciate. He wasn’t interested in removing ads or making it look nicer. He just wantedContinue reading “Here’s some love for LinkedIn Users”

Fixing Jetpack’s Stats module

Despite the hate that Jetpack gets for being a bloatware plugin, it is one of my favorite and the first step whenever I setup a new WordPress install. However, Jetpack does have a few irritating habits that I cannot overlook. One of these is the stats module. The module actually does pretty well, posting data to theContinue reading “Fixing Jetpack’s Stats module”

Deleting Duplicate items in Fever RSS

My Fever RSS setup has a lot of feeds that often duplicate items. There are feeds from news sites such a The Times of India corresponding to National, International and Governmental news as well as feeds from tech sites that often repeat things. The end result is that I often see the same title, theContinue reading “Deleting Duplicate items in Fever RSS”

Notes for Week 2 of 2014

So, it’s been an interesting week. Some observations – Social Found this gem of a Difference between Facebook and Twitter – Facebook –  “Best Practices Making API calls directly to Facebook can improve the performance of your app, rather than proxying them through your own server.” Twitter –  “Caching Store API responses in your applicationContinue reading “Notes for Week 2 of 2014”

Auto-refresh for Fever on AppFog

Today, I got asked something about my “Installing Fever on AppFog” tutorial. Fever has an inbuilt module to refresh your RSS feeds periodically but this module doesn’t work on all types of servers and it certainly doesn’t work on AppFog. Shaun, being the good guy that he is, lists out a way to set upContinue reading “Auto-refresh for Fever on AppFog”

Pythonista + Fever + Instapaper = Quick RSS Magic

I Love Python. It’s a simple, easy and quick to learn language. Before learning Python, the major language I knew was Java and believe me, that’s a pain! Seeing Python grow from a simple scripting language to a major platform is also a great feeling. The recent awesomeness about Python I discovered was Pythonista forContinue reading “Pythonista + Fever + Instapaper = Quick RSS Magic”