Random musing

It’s been proven that quite a few species of animals and birds have intelligence, speech, empathy, critical thinking, and analysis levels similar to those of humans. Dolphins, birds, parrots, dogs, monkeys to name a few.

What if this is true for all major eras in Earth’s history where what we define as animals/birds roamed the world? (As in, not lower celled life).

Could that mean that various eras of dinosaurs or early humans evolved intelligence levels appropriate to go beyond just their survival – problem solving, play, one-up-man-ship, etc.

But how can we figure this out? There would be some markers in the brains or bodies of current fauna to measure or perhaps only point to their intelligence. Would fossils allow us to find the same markers?

If I get a chance, I’ll google around to find out more on this topic. If you know something about this, dear reader, please let me know? In the comments or on socials would be great!

A Theory of Space-Time Travel

I was wondering today about if it is possible for us humans to ever travel across the Space-Time Continuum by tunneling through time and landing in the future, past or a different Universe altogether.

Following up on my earlier post about what the fifth dimension should be (hint for my lazy readers – Energy is the fifth dimension), I believe that for Humans to be able to travel through the Universe via the means of energy so as to be able to travel across time, the Universe needs to be a bit ‘different’. Allow me to explain – the Universe has been explained as an expanding model where, after the Big Bang, mass flowed outward in free space with no fixed pattern, unconstrained and without any paths to follow. Ever since, we are moving away from that central point where all the mass was but not in any fixed manner, just bursting outward. This is similar to the flow of energy in a simple medium like air. An example of this is heat flowing out from a fire, simply flowing outward with no fixed pattern, just spreading out to whichever is the coldest area it can find. This, as opposed to flow of energy in constrained spaces such as within the body of a plant or the blood vessels of an animal. This means that for any type of energy flowing in a constrained system, it is easy to maintain the energy on a particular path. This is not the case with the free-flow model of the Universe where there is no constrained path between two points in space or time which are connected by a tunnel similar to a blood vessel. Or that is exactly what we need to discover in order to unravel a method to travel across space-time.

Thus, assuming that there is a method to travel across space and time means that we need to change the assumption that the Big Bang occurred as it did and that the Universe is just a large expanse of space with no routes or paths along which matter is flowing. At least when talking about the four dimensions together, we need (or we probably already have, I’m just ignorant enough to not know about it) a model which describes the Universe as a stem-like structure in which energy is flowing along fixed paths with many paths connecting to other space-time ‘locations’.

I don’t know if this rambling is logical enough to mean something serious in physics, it’s just a thought, unconstrained and flowing outward…

Nitin Khanna

The Fifth Dimension

I hereby declare that I have come to understand that the fifth dimension after the length, width and breadth of an object and the presence of it in time, is Energy.

Now, how do I come to this conclusion? By understanding that there is nothing within the first four dimensions which can explain the presence of mass and the effects of forces such as gravity on an object.

Let us imagine an area in space, far off from any matter, the presence of which would affect our to-be object’s presence (not tough to assume since there are large swathes in our Universe  which are empty).

Now let us say there exists time in that area (hey, time exists in our Universe doesn’t it??).

Now, the emptiness of the space will not change in any manner possible after any amount of time simply because there’s nothing to change there.

Next, let us say that there exists a cube with negligible dimensions, just a set of thin, very, very thin wires forming just the outline of a cube and not it’s body or walls which exists for only a small period of time, say a second. Obviously, the cube is here now, but gone the next second. This shows that the cube must exist in time in order to exist at all!

This we say that the wire frame cube now exists for a long period of time, say a few million years, just so that we can observe it.

Hence, we are now looking at our wire frame cube just float in the universe with nothing else anywhere near it to affect it at all. We also see that if, theoretically, the mass of each wire in the frame is nil, making then perfect lines along the x-,y- and z- planes, the wire exists in space and in time, but it does nothing.

Why isn’t that a very boring cube? It does nothing and hardly even exists!

But here we introduce Energy. The frame now has energy and by virtue of it having energy, it can move around, spin and do the Hula…

But more importantly, since the cube has energy, it’s wires need a place to store that energy and that location is defined in mass. Therefore, mass is but a derivative of Energy and since it is underivable using any other dimension, it is derived from Energy.

Now let us consider one more idea. Let us replace our wire frame with nothingness. There’s nothing in that bit of space where we are looking. Does time exist? Yes, it does. Do the first three dimensions exist? Indeed, they do and that can be proven by the presence of any object in that space.

Does energy exist in that space? Let us put a single ray of sunlight there, a single wave of light which does not require any medium to travel. Does this wave have any energy? Yes. Does it exist in time? Yes, it travels at, well, the speed of light. Does it have any spatial dimension? In other words, does it have a precise shape in any of the first three dimensions? Nope! This wave does not have a fixed shape in the spatial dimensions and changes over time. This is an example of pure Energy, with no mass. But is it the perfect example? No. Why not? Because at any given moment of time, if the wave is fixed, frozen and looked at, it has a direction, thereby meaning that it has a spatial dimension too.

So what is the best example of pure energy which exists in time but not space?

Is it a magnetic field?

Is it a gravitational field?

Is it Superman?

I don’t know, keep looking…