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A Theory of Space-Time Travel

I was wondering today about if it is possible for us humans to ever travel across the Space-Time Continuum by tunneling through time and landing in the future, past or a different Universe altogether.

Following up on my earlier post about what the fifth dimension should be (hint for my lazy readers – Energy is the fifth dimension), I believe that for Humans to be able to travel through the Universe via the means of energy so as to be able to travel across time, the Universe needs to be a bit ‘different’. Allow me to explain – the Universe has been explained as an expanding model where, after the Big Bang, mass flowed outward in free space with no fixed pattern, unconstrained and without any paths to follow. Ever since, we are moving away from that central point where all the mass was but not in any fixed manner, just bursting outward. This is similar to the flow of energy in a simple medium like air. An example of this is heat flowing out from a fire, simply flowing outward with no fixed pattern, just spreading out to whichever is the coldest area it can find. This, as opposed to flow of energy in constrained spaces such as within the body of a plant or the blood vessels of an animal. This means that for any type of energy flowing in a constrained system, it is easy to maintain the energy on a particular path. This is not the case with the free-flow model of the Universe where there is no constrained path between two points in space or time which are connected by a tunnel similar to a blood vessel. Or that is exactly what we need to discover in order to unravel a method to travel across space-time.

Thus, assuming that there is a method to travel across space and time means that we need to change the assumption that the Big Bang occurred as it did and that the Universe is just a large expanse of space with no routes or paths along which matter is flowing. At least when talking about the four dimensions together, we need (or we probably already have, I’m just ignorant enough to not know about it) a model which describes the Universe as a stem-like structure in which energy is flowing along fixed paths with many paths connecting to other space-time ‘locations’.

I don’t know if this rambling is logical enough to mean something serious in physics, it’s just a thought, unconstrained and flowing outward…

Nitin Khanna

What do you think?


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