Sticky is good

Huh, I just realized that I’ve basically forgotten what all goodreads alternatives I was using. The only one that stuck properly was StoryGraph and after a little pressure on my brain, Literal.

That’s good! That’s what I wanted to do – use a few of these services and let some of them fall away, till I am left with the ones I remember.

It’s like email addresses – we’ve all got a few – gmail, yahoo, personal domain. But which is your goto? It’s the one that pops into your head as soon as you need to give your email to someone.

Sticky is good.

Nice research you got there. Be a shame if someone from the media tried to conclude it.

News media consistently gets research paper conclusions wrong, sensationalizing mundane results by focusing on edge cases or ignoring the fine print.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to get an AI to sum these papers up and see what it comes up with?

Of course, seed data should come from conclusions by both media and scientists themselves, as well as some laypersons to balance things.