Refreshing my RSS feeds list

I thought about it. The last OPML export I have is from December of 2019. I’ve added maybe 20 feeds since then, which are now lost. If I import the OPML, I’ll get back my starred items and general state, but I’ll not get back the calm. So, I’ve decided to do an overhaul ofContinue reading “Refreshing my RSS feeds list”

Reeder 4 is here?!

I’ve been experimenting with Tiny Tiny RSS for a couple of weeks now, to figure out if I’m done with Fever RSS. Part of it is that Fever runs on a Digital Ocean VPS and I’d like to reduce the load on that server as much as possible. I run TT-RSS on my home PCContinue reading “Reeder 4 is here?!”

Help me find a Read-later / Notes solution

Dear Reader, I’m looking for a suggestion, or a coalescence of suggestions to drive me towards a solution. I’m looking for a read later solution that doubles as a notes repository. See, I want to not just read longform articles at peace, I want to also take notes and highlight things and (maybe?) search myContinue reading “Help me find a Read-later / Notes solution”

How to read today

I just read Lipi Mehta’s article on TheReader about her habit of reading and how it disappeared. I faced a similar situation at one point in my life when I realized that I’ve stopped reading. I used to read a few books a year, at least but of late I’d struggled with even one. This is the advice I gaveContinue reading “How to read today”