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Blog Merry-go-round

Using WordPress but tired of MySQL?

Want to have a fast, static blog?

Use Jekyll.

Using Jekyll but want a better UI?

Use OctoPress.

Using OctoPress but want to use Python instead of Ruby?

Use Hyde.

Using Hyde but want to use Dropbox to hold your files?

Use Pelican.

Using Pelican but want good search, analytics and plugins?

Use WordPress.


Good thing I’ve been on WP all along and intend on staying here.


What do you think?


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  1. I kept toying with setting up a Second Crack/Pelican/Jekyll blog, but I write so rarely that it never was worth the effort. The only feature all of those other options has that speaks to me is a plaintext backup of my writing, instead of whatever wacky DB wordpress exports.

    • I have an automated WP Dropbox backup setup, just so that if nothing else, if I ever want to move to some other platform, it’ll be easy. I’ve played with all these platforms, but By God, the easiest and most flexible is WP and only WP… 🙂

      I was trying to make a plugin that’ll sync WP posts with Dropbox in md format, but I’m not technically adept enough to do that… 🙁
      Edit: Here’s the link for the repo for the plugin –

      • That will be really helpful. I had to migrate from one WP install to another and I lost a bunch of content in the move because the WP export tools decided to be stupid.

        I was hoping that IFTTT would have a recipe for self-hosted WP installs, but it seems like they can only get at blogs. I know just a little less than you on oAuth workflows, but I’ll see if I can figure something out. I think this would be a great plugin to have fully fleshed out.