A Quick Note about the Wisconsin shootings

I’m not one to comment on politics. But events such as the Wisconsin shootings disturb the mind and make you ask questions that sometimes you do not want the answer to.

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The questions that I’d like to ask but perhaps do not want the answer to are –

  1. Why attack religion? Religion is sacrosanct. People take a day out of the week to spend with their families and friends. Besides, isn’t Sunday God’s day in nearly every religion?
  2. Why attack Sikhs? Do you understand who they are and where they come from? Do you understand their philosophy? Most importantly, do you understand that they are not the perpetrators of violence that you are fighting on foreign shores?

I hope to not get the answers to these questions. I just want them, who act violently, to think about these questions.

Singh Is SuperMan

So I recently went to DT Cinemas to watch Singh Is Kinng

(God Bless Akshay Kumar for his versitality and DT and PVR for bringing the joys of Modern Theatre Experience to Chandigarh. FR; Sorry dude, you’re out…)

Most, well, all of my friends said it was a bogus Movie and it was, just that the amazing ability of Akshay Kumar of putting zeal into any character changed the whole scenario…

We all acknowledge that The Sikh community has gained cult status in Bollywood, starting from Daler Mehndi and moving to Sikh-centric movies and the presence of at least one Punjabi song per movie. But what Akshay did moves away from being just a fraction of the type of movies being made or a nominal presence in a movie. This movie can pave the way for a whole new Singh, for the following reasons :-

  1. The raising of the Fist and the chanting of “Singh is King” makes the average Sikh a SuperHero, who has a tailor-made Symbol and slogan to go…
  2. The introduction of the already well known concept that Sikhs are a large-hearted community and love to help people on main screeb cinema will have a long lasting effect on Bollywood story writers and will definitely help the Punjabis get to the ‘Spot’ in Cinema

Now all I’m waiting for is small mock ups of our dear Singh, just like the ones of Krish floating around…

And then was born a SuperHero for India!!!

Over And Out.