The Zen of Zen

I have tried, many, many times, to read books on self-help, management, zen and “How to Keep on Writing” topics. But except for the wisdom I found in the stories in books like Shiv Khera’s ‘You Can Win’ or in ‘The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey’ and the one immensely powerful book – ‘TheContinue reading “The Zen of Zen”

Title tells all

Take a look at the following tweet – Why You Should Be Excited About the New Record for the Largest Prime Number — Eric Wilson (@ericwilsonsaid) February 7, 2013 Interesting isn’t it? The tweet tells you the title of the article and there a link present with it! How wonderful is that?! Frankly, that’sContinue reading “Title tells all”

Spiritual Scientists

I have often wondered about one thing – why does a Yogi/Guru/Pandit/Brahman spend a life of detachment and why does that person, specially in the case of Yogis, not worry at all about how they will feed themselves and how, if they choose to take up a family, will their family be fed and takenContinue reading “Spiritual Scientists”