Doctor Who and a new adventure

Image Courtesy BBC

I’m writing a story about Doctor Who. But first, a disclaimer – I’m watching the Doctor Who series and I’m up to the Tenth Doctor’s episodes. Those who don’t know what or who Doctor Who is, please check out the BBC website or the Netflix page for Doctor Who and you’ll find a pretty neat story about a Doctor (believe me, I’m trying not to drop any spoilers here!) who keeps saving Britain and the Earth. I’m writing some fan fiction around him. Here’s a synopsis –


The Doctor and his new companion Meera find themselves in a new world. It is the same old Earth but in a different Universe. The most amazing thing is that the Earthlings seem to know a lot more about the Universe than the Doctor anticipated. This is because in this Universe, they have been given the gift of  extensive knowledge by an alien entity. The Doctor, from a different Universe, is asked to look into the issue of the dying entity and to help them save it. As always, the Doctor is able to use his intelligence and infinite knowledge to resolve the issue.


So, how’s it coming along? Well, I’ve hit a writer’s block. I know what the story is and how to execute it, I’m even half way through it. The issue is that I’m stuck at around a point in the story where I’ve irreparably changed the story line to something I did not want initially. I’ve kind of even found a way to fix the issue, but the right words are eluding me.

I’ve been writing stories since I was a little boy. I’ve enjoyed writing original, inspired and even fan fiction stories over the years and if I’m ever able to execute the whole thing in one fell swoop, there’s no one more glad than me. So, I’m mighty irritated that I’m stuck here. The last time I hit this kind of writer’s block, I ended up leaving the story in the middle, with no ending (I’m sorry Sherlock Holmes). But not this time because I’m intent on finishing this story no matter what happens. I’m too far into the story to quit now. Let’s see what happens.

This was my update for the day. Once I’m done with the story, I’ll post it here.