Hi, I’m Nitin Khanna. Welcome to my little home on the web. Here, I talk about technology, write stories, and review books. Or you can check out all the blog posts here.

There are some interesting pages in and around my blog. You can read my /now page, which talks about what I’m doing right now in general. You can also head over to my liveblog, which connects to twitter and other social media and is my stream of conscious on a webpage.

I also run a linkblog, separate from this site. You can check it out here.

I’ve also built something called a /then page. It’s for discovering what I’ve written on this day in the years past. It’s a nifty little tool for me to rediscover my blog. I’ve slowly been falling in love with my blog all over again and ideas such as this are great ways to reconnect. There’s also the /random page, because sometimes, all you need is a blast from the past! To read about these pages, go here.

About me: I’m a Software Engineer with Networking background. I love mucking around in python and javascript.

You can check out my RSS feed here.


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