Today, I turned 25. To some, this may not seem like an amazing feat, but for me, this is a great accomplishment. Why, you ask? Because this is the oldest I’ve ever been! It’s an amazing feeling!

But more than amazing, it’s humbling. It’s humbling because while on the outset, I’m this young kid who’s got his whole life ahead of himself, inside, I am well aware that I have about 25 years of experience which, though most of it has been forgotten, dictates who I am as a person. Continue reading

The guy in the rain


Image Courtesy CU Boulder

About two years ago, when not one month had passed since I had entered the US, I once got a free bike from CU Boulder’s Bike Station. It’s a great service where any student or faculty member can rent a bike for forty-eight hours, for free. Since it was time to return it, I cycled up to the UMC, near which the bike station sits under a large tree. As I was returning the bike, it started to rain. Afraid for the newly bought iPhone in my pocket, I went into the shed and hid from the rain. Two guys were working at the station that day. The one on the inside showed me a Lenovo laptop that was basically everything proof – shock, water and temperature. It was given to the bike station specifically because it faces all the elements on nature all the time. Continue reading

My First Fourteener: The Cheats way to an Existential Dilemma

Today, I made my way to my first fourteener on Pikes peak. My friends and Colorado residents who are reading this will already have guessed that I did not actually complete this monumental feat on foot. I sat on a cog rail for about an hour and half each side and journeyed comfortably to the top of the mountain at 14,110 feet. Regardless of my blatant disregard for physical pain, there was something profound about the place that made me feel rather insignificant while also making me feel part of a greater humanity. The sheer height of the mountain gets your blood racing (as much as it can in sub-zero temperature) and makes you think hard about what your life means in the sea of lives that you are aware teems in the cities below. You can see far and wide, feeling the expanse of the land around you, the great nation of America which has been given an amazing gift in this diverse and challenging piece of the continent. Continue reading

The thing about Shoes.

Today, after I came back from office, I took out my wallet and keys and kept them on the side table. Then, as I was about to take off my shoes, I realized something – I realized the value of wearing shoes. You see, whenever we have a long or an important task ahead of us, we get ready. If it is a mental task like an interview or an exam, we cool our minds and prepare for the next few hours. When we are going for a trek or for camping, we pack the right gear and wear the right kind of boots. Yes, boots.

I realized that to me, wearing shoes means that I am ready for action. Many people in my family and even in my friends often tell me that my practice of wearing shoes in the house long after the day has ended, is kind of irritating. Well, I got this habit from my Dad and as I come to think of it, he is also always prepared for action. πŸ™‚

Being prepared for anything is always important. It is not necessary to wear shoes in your sleep, but mentally, your shoes should always be on and ready for action, because in life, preparation could mean survival.

Why not this Life?

I was thinking today about how some people spend their entire lives exploring the wild or climbing mountains, not caring about money or taxes on different things, products, or even the energy they consume, that’s why sometimes is better to use other kind of energy like solar, that pays way less on taxes, you could learn more at this site online. This, as opposed to people like us who spend their days in offices and nights dreaming of being our own boss. Every life has its own hardships. Then I thought of those who paint or sing, spending their life in worship of their arts. They often live in poverty, not knowing fame or fortune, but knowing that they are doing what they love.

Why can’t the ordinary person be like that? Why can’t we just break free of death and taxes?

Maybe we can. We have just this one life. We need to use it to do everything we ever thought of doing, otherwise it’s a life well wasted. No point in that.

So, don’t do that job that pays better instead of that which you love. Don’t be stuck in the traffic when you really want to be climbing rocks. Don’t sit writing financial statements when you really want to be writing poetry!

Or maybe I am thinking these thoughts because I have a job and know it pays off the debt.

Open Source Ideas

There are a lot of ideas floating around on the Internet. In fact, the Internet seems to be the single most important communication medium that got people’s voices out in the open. Most of the ideas that we see on the Internet are in some state of execution. People have thought of services, networks, tools or just fun topics and have built websites around them. Those ideas are in a great state. They have been conceived and brought to some level of fruition. But what about ideas without a parent? In other words, what about ideas that have been conceived, but the conceiver doesn’t have the resources – time, money or programming knowledge, to execute them? Do these ideas lay dormant or is something done about them?

Β  Continue reading

How to be awesome…

Some of you out there read LifeHacker. It recently covered an awesome story about Jerry Seinfeld’s method of being awesome at what you love. Seinfeld says, what ever it is that you’re supposed to be doing, do it everyday. If you blog, do it every day. If you want to improve on your health, run every day. That way, once you’ve been doing it a while, you’ll not want to quit.

To read the actual story go here

and to read it’s effect, go here

I read this second post yesterday morning and I thought, “Hey, I can do this with my blog. I can simply, blog everyday!” But it’s a lot more tough than that! I sat down last night, hoping to write this exact blog and starting my 366 days of being awesome. I couldn’t. It takes a lot of conviction to start something you know will take a full year and will need your attention every day. That scared me. I couldn’t even direct myself to the blog, wasting time elsewhere and hoping I’d never need to write this blog post.

When I got up today, I decided that I just had to do this. No point in dilly dallying, I’ve just got to do it! So here it begins, my 365 day trek towards a fuller blog with a lot many more posts and a more awesome me πŸ™‚

A lot of you will think, this isn’t possible/whatever/”I can’t do that!”. Trust me, you can. The two posts above have changed my way of thinking and I’m glad for it! Here’s to hoping I pull through it and I know for sure, you’ll all be watching! πŸ™‚

Image Courtesy –Β http://www.starpulse.com/Television/Seinfeld/gallery/Seinfeld-tv-sp13/