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A New Age of Windows Apps

Windows, for it’s spread across the world and it’s presence on every other computer you see, has for the past few years, suffered from a terrible lack of apps and widgets. While the rest of the world grew sudden mobile roots, Windows remained largely grounded on laptops and desktops. This meant that the apps that were making waves in the iOS and Android world were ported to OS X and Linux, but Windows was largely ignored.

With the coming of Google Chrome, making small widgets and apps became fairly easy. It was now not a matter of learning a complex platform dependent language like C# or a platform independent but newer languages like Ruby or Python. It was all about HTML, JavaScript and some CSS thrown together. Google Chrome handled the rest.

Now, thanks to Google Chrome and ChromeOS, Windows is seeing the benefit of apps and tools. Two products – Pokki and Cubiez are using the technology behind those Chrome extensions that we all use and bringing the ideas to Windows and they’ve got it all!

You want to check your Instagram? Instagrille on Pokki is the way to go. You want to keep a check on your Facebook notifications? Facebook by Cubiez will be your best friend. You want to pass some time by playing Angry Birds? Pokki is there to serve, as always!

Facebook by Cubiez

myWPEdit Image

Pokki carries many more interesting apps than Cubiez, like Instagrille and Angry Birds –Β 

myWPEdit Image

The best part is that while Windows Sidebar and the Mac Dashboard are extremely intrusive, Pokki and Cubiez do not take up all your screen space. They quietly sit in your Windows task bar, giving you Chrome style notifications to inform you of something new.

Specifically looking at some of the options available to Mac users in terms of apps to quickly checking they GMail or Facebook or their Instagram accounts, a Windows user would have cringed with jealousy. But not any more!

Head over to the Pokki website or the Cubiez website and download either one of them. Personally, I use Pokki because their Instagrille app is just brilliant. It gives me my Instagram feed on a very large screen on a Windows laptop. But the Cubiez Google Search and Weather apps are pretty amazing too.

Could not have asked for more! πŸ™‚

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    • Cubiez, of course! And I’ve been wondering how to pronounce your name, so that video definitely helped…

      Looking forward to more fun apps from you guys… It’s good competition for Pokki and great for us users… πŸ™‚