How To: Add Google SMS Channels To Your Blog

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This is the post all you bloggers have been waiting for! Specially my dear friend Arpit Rastogi.. Hope you find this useful…

Ok, so Last time we discussed how to Make a Google SMS Channel which gives people updates about your Blog… But what good is it if people don’t know how to access your Channel and subscribe to it??

One way is to simply send email invites to everybody in your list but that’s the most un-cool thing you could ever do to yourself (of course, it’s very very effective, but we’re trying to be cool here people! :D).

The better way is to add this function as a Widget to your blog and put it right next to the email invites so that people notice it. Now, since there was no direct way or a pre-made widget to do this thing for me, I mixed and mashed a few widgets and came up with the following code to Make me a widget!

Without any more festivities, here’s the code:

<a href=””> <img src=”” alt=”” height=”50″ width=”150″> </a> <br> Have GMail? Now get my posts via sms! <b> <br> Just <a href=””> Click HERE </a> </b> <br><br>

Now, here’s an explanation of the code, the first href link within the double quotes is the link for your SMS Channel, this is the one which will be embedded within the cute little picture of Google SMS Channels which will be part of the widget… Oh and also, the second href link is your sms channel too!!!

Google SMS Channels

So, all you have to do is this: Change the two href double quoted links from My SMS Channel (NitinsBlog) to the Subscribe link for your SMS Channel and post it in the Widget for your Blog and you’re done…

Oh wait! How to make your own widget?? If you are on WordPress, simply go to the Widgets page in your Admin and add the Text Widget to your Widget list and add the Code there…

If you are on Blogger, go to the Layouts page in your Admin and click on the Add a Gadget link, then, click on the HTML/JAVASCRIPT widget in the Basic Gadgets and add the code there…

One last note, make sure you change the href link and make sure you put the subscribe link for your sms channel in double quotes for it to work properly.. and if yuo don’t change it, you’ll be making sure that people join my blog instead of yours! 😀

And a p.s. No common user uses Google SMS Channels right now so they’re going to have to register themselves to it first and that’s a slightly confusing process. I have already added the whole procedure to my earlier post, here and I seriously suggest that you read it and write your own blog post about how to join the sms channels for the benefit of your readers… Feel free to copy from my post…

Finally, if you want to get a feel about how Google SMS channels treat a new user, register yourself from my blog’s channel using the widget given at the top right side of my blog 😀

Have fun!


  1. Yahoooooooooooooo!!!!
    I successfully added the widget to my Blog. 😛

    It is awesome Sir. Thanks a ton. 🙂
    Guess What, I get News Updates on my Cell Now.

    But Sir iss wali Post ke Update ka SMS abi tak ni aaya…

    P.S. For Bloggers- Copy The Above Code into HTML/JAVASCRIPT widget, then replace the Channel’s Subscription Address by Your Channel’s Subscription Address & REPLACE ALL THE DOUBLE QUOTES FROM THE CODE as well, matlab sare double quotes delete karke dobara se type karo(Width, Height, Href, Alt) sare ke sare ka.. nahi toh it won’t work..

    @ Post. Thanks Again Sir.

    1. hehe… welcs my man… I just saw that you have indeed added the widget… but you still are missing the email updates widget so that i can subscribe to your blog… Go to dude…

    1. Sorry buddy but till now I haven’t found a way to do that. I have logged a request with the guy who made Google SMS Channels about the same and am waiting for a reply…

      Sorry for the time I took to reply, been off the blog a long time…

  2. Can u help me to create a blog which includes commodity mkt details even with charts and suggestions which is very helpful to investors. I too eager to do it but i dont know the knowledge of programming. so help me.

    1. Dear Sudhakar, I have understood what you are trying to do, but even I don’t have that knowledge right now, so can’t help you with it…

      You should contact someone who is working with a website development firm, perhaps a friend of a friend, who has knowledge of PHP and other Internet-based programming languages… That kind of person will be able to help you… Another good idea would be to find out other such blogs which have such data on them and contact the owners of those blogs to ask for help. I’m sure at least 1 out of 5 will reply and will tell you what you need to learn in order to get such a blog working…

      Hope you’re able to make a blog soon!!!

      All the Best! 🙂

  3. this article of yours was much useful.
    and also the comment followd by it..
    also visit my blog
    since i recently started this hence need your suggestion

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