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Request for some Photo Blogs

I love reading RSS feeds. But sometimes words get tiring. Today is one of those days.

Luckily, I have a folder with a few very nice photo blogs that I fall into when I’m in such a phase.

I’ve got the following blogs on there –

@muan’s photos – This has got to be one of my favorite photo blogs. The aesthetic is decidedly Instagrammy-personal. It’s a very direct peek into what Mu-An Chiou, a software engineer living in Taiwan, sees around her. She posts her pics as stories using the Open-Stories format and has an added layer of what is called the Open Heart protocol. It lets me hit the little heart button from within the RSS feed. That’s so cool! Of course, if you’re on her site, you can hit the little heart icon on her pics there. I love this setup much more than the horrible implementation by WordPress, so I hope someone takes the time to port this over so I can use it one day.

Manuel Moreale Instagram Style RSS Feed – Manuel is a software dev in Italy. I love that he calls his photo RSS feed “Instagram style”. I don’t know if he posts the same to Instagram, but it’s interesting to see how that social network has influenced the way we think about photography. I loved the recent trip Manuel made to Umbria. He posted a link to an iCloud album and it’s gorgeous! In his own words (via email to me) – “But that’s Italy for you. There’s just too much to see.”

There are a few others in the list who are MIA – Don’t Take Pictures, Licht Years. Would be cool if these blogs get revived at some point.

Through Mu-An, I recently discovered the Bring Back Blog directory and I’m slowly searching for and adding feeds that include photography (and some that don’t) to my feed reader.

But I’d love to hear from you, dear reader – any blogs you’d recommend that I follow? I hold dearest personal, “day in the life” photography. But I also love landscape photography that showcases the great outdoors and adventures of hiking and camping.

BTW, one of the things I miss the most is a short-lived project called bwrss by Giles Turnbull, which was black and white photography, delivered exclusively through the RSS feed and not visible anywhere else on the Internet. Giles, if you’re reading this, maybe bring it back? kthxbye.

What do you think?


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  1. I don’t know much about photography, but RSS Feeds I love.

    There is a fediverse equivalent to Instagram called Pixelfed.
    And since it is the fediverse, every Account has an RSS Feed.
    So it is really as close to a photoblog as it gets.

    Here is some random example:

    You could look at some of the known Servers here:
    And then dig around until you find a profile with photos you like.

    Other then that, here is a blog of a guy at the south pole who writes interesting stuff. Each blogpost features many photos that you wouldn’t get to see otherwise (I guess. I don’t know actually. But it is a sensible guess, I guess):


  • Stuff I Did:

    Took Monday off work for the holiday
    9.25 hours of consulting work
    Worked on series level planning and figured out (loosely) what I could write as a lead magnet prequel novella, which has been bugging me for months
    Made my sister’s birthday playlist (and a playlist for myself 😋)
    Went to Homebrew Website Club
    Watched a webinar on exclusionary zoning in my region
    Two appointments
    Baked coffee cake
    Walked with a friend twice — today we saw a hummingbird and two bald eagles! 🦅🦅


    Read The Alpha Experiment, Blind Fall, Uncommon Places, Dark Space, Mazebook, Zone Eleven, and The Earl and the Executive
    Continued reading Wayfinding by M.R. O’Connor and What Works by Tara McMullin
    Bought Nowhere Else by Felicia Davin on Kindle
    Added 27 books to my TBR 😅
    DNF’d How Far the Light Reaches (might try again later)

    Words I looked up / concepts I learned:

    confabulation (via siderea)
    Neotropical = Mexico, the Caribbean, and south
    Noosphere (via Michael Bogdanffy-kriegh)
    Impresario (via Craig Mod)

    New feeds / newsletters I’m trying out:

    Felicia Davin
    Muan’s photos (via Nitin Khanna)