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AT&T 4G Issues

I faced a strange problem today. I have an iPhone 4s with iOS 5.1.1 on AT&T’s 4G network in Boulder, Colorado.

I tried opening this blog of mine on my phone today. I tried multiple times when the bus was moving over many miles and also when I had stopped at a particular location. No show. I asked a friend to open it on his Samsung Galaxy Note (which is also on AT&T’s 4G network) but again, no show.

The blog was constantly giving us a 502 Bad Gateway error, meaning that either AT&T’s or my hosting provider’s servers are configured badly. When I reached my office, I opened the blog on my computer. It worked like a charm. At the same time, it did not load on my phone right there and then.

Upon digging a bit, I found that this is a problem for a lot of people all over the country, specifically on AT&T’s amazing 4G data network. Wonder what else doesn’t work!

  • Jake Bower

    I am currently having the exact same issue with several of the sites I manage. AT&T says it is on the hosting providers end, but all my sites work fine on my 4s over wifi.

    • Say, @xMatter:disqus, do you, by any chance, have any data compression app installed?

      • Jake Bower

        no, AT&T took data compression off my plan and still nothing.

        • uh, no, not AT&T’s data compression (that’s a thing?)… I meant, are you using some app to compress your data, like a VPN or something…

          • Jake Bower

            No. I am using nothing but normal cellular.

            • hmm, in that case, AT&T’s fault. I was using a VPN service at the time and I assumed it’s because of that, but even removing it didn’t help…

    • Lewis Gerhardt Jr

      I am having a similar issue. My sites have worked fine on my Android until yesterday. Now I get 502 on my domain.
      All sites work fine on desktop and on my 3g blackberry, but not on the 4g android.

      • Jake Bower

        Mine happened to resolve itself after a few days, however another site is not working at the moment. Did yours resolve yet?