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Time IT out!

One of my dear friends – Arpit Rastogi has just rambled on his blog – Notebook that life is shit. Well, we’re all here to support good ol’ Rasto to get a grip on the limited time he has in a day (you know, the usual 24 hours –> 1440 minutes –> 86,4000 seconds) and make the most of it all.

As Arpit points out, he likes to drink, sleep, work (doesn’t like, but has to), click (he’s got an amazing camera!) and upload, not necessarily in that order.

Well Rasto, here’s my tirade against your problems –

  1. Stop Drinking, you’re paying to destroy your brain.There’s only a few hours of fun that you have by guzzling down beer, so drink the quality stuff that you can enjoy. All my friends who drink say the same thing – after some time, drinking and puking and hangovers are boring. But a good drink is like an interesting stranger- you meet them for the night, enjoy the time and then part ways, maybe exchanging phone numbers to meet next weekend. But a bad drink is like a frustrated spouse, they’ll nag at you the next morning.
  2. You know you want to do it, then find make the time. God gave everyone 2 things – 24 hours in a day and the challenge to use them properly.How can you find the time to upload pics? By MAKING the time! You seriously need to understand that you have all the time and energy you need. Just look for it. For example, you say you’re tired at the end of the day and can’t even find the time to upload pics? Hogwash! Have you asked yourself how you’ve been awake these past few days? Is it proper food and enough water in the day (our brain loves water, feeeeeeed it) or has it been coffee, black coffee, still more coffee and lots more coffee???
  3. Get connected but get in control. I love getting info. I’m subscribed to about 30 blogs, Google groups, email lists etc. I have 7 messenger apps on my iPhone and a constant stream of info pouring in. But what do I do with all this info? When do I consume it? Who decides that?? I do! When I want to concentrate, I don’t minimize an application on my desktop – I close it. I have 3 different browsers – one for general browsing, or for tech browsing and one for uploading stuff (Chrome, Firefox and Safari, in that order). What do I do to concentrate on a task? I keep only 1 browser open at a time. Tabs? They can be recovered. If you’re on Chrome and have too many tabs open all the time but don’t wanna bookmark them then I suggest you use TempMarks. Just get rid of the extra stuff.

You are an avid photographer. I’ve seen your work. It’s good. You’re also tech-savvy enough. Find an app that, as soon as you connect your camera to your laptop, either imports the pics to an image editing app or just directly uploads to Facebook/Flikr/DeviantART. These websites have good image editing tools themselves and you can then edit that stuff on the go! At least you’ll be publishing ASAP dude!

So, how does that rant sound?? Give it some thought, you’ll find ways to get the most out of your life. And just in case you’re still at a loss for ideas, subscribe to LifeHacker. No one beats his tips!

What do you think?


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  1. I totally believe in working a job that gives you what you want, not what the job wants.

    Booking all weekends in advance for fun really helps in getting out of the troubles of the week. No work on weekend policy is gr8, if followed!!

    A constant focus on adding something new to knowledge keeps boredom out of the way as well. Although a little effort is required, but a little pain for oneself is much more worthwhile as compared to useless long hours at static(boring) job.

    PS.Totally my take. Opinions may vary. I am open to discussions, not debates 😉

  2. Hi..
    Well this is one lovely post… 🙂
    Really nice… 🙂

    I will do the needful in my life.. 😛

    & it is actually great to have one dedicated post only on your problems…

    Thanks. 🙂