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Thought about WordPress as a digital garden

I was just thinking that WordPress is amazing as a website builder and a blogging solution but really not great as a knowledge base or a digital garden. It obviously supports back links, which seem to be an integral part of digital gardens, and it supports markdown to an extent, which also seems to be the markup system of choice for most writing and thinking tools now. But it still acts like a web app. It expects you to be in one view and one view only. You’re either editing or administering. You can’t ever be “collating”.

For example is that purpose, tools like Obsidian (which I’m using a lot these days) work very well, though each tool has its own flaws. I’d love for there to be an alternative interface for WordPress. One that acts like a digital garden app but uses WordPress as its backend. Too much to ask for?

Update: Desktop tools are something I’ve stopped exploring. But today I looked at MarsEdit and it’s… there?

What do you think?


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