in memory


Ok, so here I am, driving my new pulsar at a clean 70 kmph, just travelling from Mohali to Chandigarh and I’m inclined to take a curve which acts as the bridge between the two cities. Slowing down just a notch to ensure that I don’t get stuck in the flow of the traffic, I tried to pull off a simple overtake of which I was sure I’d make it despite of the Maruti 800 speeding this way. But just when I was curving in and was passing the 800 at the same time, a stone rolled out from under the tyres of the Maruti and hit my knee at about 140 kmph and let me tell you, THAT HURT!!! I may want to curse and blame the government for not building properly metalled roads and allowing for a large number of stray stones roll under our tyres, but that would do no good. What must be realised is that no matter what you say, THAT HURT!!! And it’s bad enough that it hit me to notice that it hit me at a speed additive of mine and the Maruti’s and that’s maybe even ok because it’s basic physics, what’s really upsetting is that this stone could easily have hit my bike at some critical point. And boy, THAT’D HURT!!!

What do you think?


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