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Tesla unveils the Super Charger Network

I just saw Elon Musk’s unveiling of the SuperCharger network of electric recharging stations. I’m mighty impressed by the tech and the possibilities. But not impressed by the man. They call him the Steve Jobs of “everything else” but the charisma is missing.

Elon Musk has seen a lot of ups and downs in his career and by now, he should learn that to wow the audience and to make sure they love your product, you have to get the little things right. Midway in the presentation, when he’s about to unveil the SuperCharger, the curtain doesn’t fall as it should and when it does, it’s revealed with a big cloud of smoke and what sounds to be Skrillex music. Not an impressive reveal to me when you’re talking about a consumer good. All this while, Musk stands on the side like a bystander.

Come on Mr. Musk, you’re better than that! I know you’re a busy man. But take the time to rehearse these presentations. Command the stage and above all, Never stand on the side like you’re just looking at something happening. Make it happen.

Edit: I’m not saying Elon Musk comes off as aloof. In fact, he’s a God to me. He is a true Tony Stark (but, of course, he built his empire himself) to me. It’s just that he’s so amazingly modest on the stage that I was thrown. I get it that you’re just one of many and you’re trying to keep a level head perhaps. But you’re Elon Musk dammit! Be that man!

Oh, and free charging for life? Welcome to a new age of travel. Good bye Gasoline. This cannot be overstated.

The entire video sits here

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