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My blog was down for the better part of the evening due to excessive MySQL logs and expired cached media filling up the entire 50 GB hard disk with noise.

Now freed up 55% and all my sites are back online. What a way to spend a Friday evening.

What do you think?


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  1. @pratik I can’t not self-host any more. I just love the freedom of experimentation I get within the constraints of the WP ecosystem. Everything is setup – storage, media, API. I get to muck around with plugins, themes, whatever else based on my itch.

    Yes, this kind of nonsense takes away time. But it’s all learning – I’ve now set the MySQL logs to 3 days instead of the default 30, so that’ll help clear the cruft.

  2. @pratik Tunnels let you expose your locally hosted services/websites/apps running on your local machine to the outside world. They give you the option to pick a nice URL based on domains you’ve added to Cloudflare, and secure everything using Cloudflare’s infra. You can run a tunnel as a docker container and point it to another container running on the same docker network. That way if you’ve got homegrown apps or… ahem… radarr, sonarr, or, heck, pi-hole running on your home network, you can access them on the go. I use it to access my RSS reader FreshRSS when I’m out and about.

  3. @pratik @nitinkhanna Hah! I had not yet heard about Cloudflare Tunnels. I built my own version of that out of plain SSH tunnels a few years ago so my son could share his local Minecraft server with friends. Figures someone like Cloudflare would make a tool for that.