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Introducing MyFavColorApp

Hi, I’d like to introduce a new iOS and Android app today. It’s the MyFavColorApp. It’s a simple app with the following features –

  1. You login and create a profile. You can connect other social networks and can see the profiles of your friends.
  2. You select your all time favorite color. That becomes your profile color and it identifies you as a person.

  3. You can select a new favorite color any time of the day, any number of times. These colors become your mood colors.

  4. You can click a photo of your surroundings and select a color from that photo.

  5. You can share your colors with your friends and with the MyFavColorCommunity.

  6. You can see favorite colors across the world and in your locality.

  7. You can chat with people of the same color or with those that have different colors.

  8. Our app identifies your color likeness ratio with other people and you can use that to decide if you like that person or not. If you two bond well, your colors merge to make a new color, which will be your combined color.

  9. There are local and international color communities where you can chat, discuss your love for those colors and generally hate on other colors.

  10. You can subscribe to colors and then we’ll send you push notifications for when those colors show up in popular media or the news. *Please note that only the 5 Olympic colors are available right now for subscribing.

  11. We’ll send you push notifications when someone from your favorite color is nearby, so you can chat with them and hang out.


We’ve trademarked the word ‘Color’ and will require all mobile and desktop apps as well as M&Ms owner Mars, Inc. to either refrain from using colors in their products or license it from us for a small fee.


With the amount of users we’ll soon have (we expect about 500 Million users in the next 3 years, with ~400 Million DAUs), the race is now On to buy us out. We expect no less than $35 Billion from Facebook but we’re willing to get bought by Twitter for a mere $34.9 Billion.


Thanks for reading!

** I thank two of my colleagues for helping me come up with this idea. They will be receiving checks of $2 Billion each upon successful sale of the company.

*** We will not be releasing a Windows Phone version for this app since we suspect that the entire hardware platform will be dead in a couple of years. Sorry WinPhone users, go buy an iPhone!

What do you think?


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