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[Link] If you want to stay successful, learn to think like Leonardo da Vinci — Quartz

I wanted to highlight almost all of this article. It’s just so good. But for now, read this simple but strong quote –

Reality is redundant

Source: If you want to stay successful, learn to think like Leonardo da Vinci — Quartz


Whenever I think about learning, I am dismayed by a realization that we stop learning too quickly. Yes, we spend all of our childhood and some part of our adulthood learning. That does seem a lot. But once we stop, once we get jobs, ‘settle down’, and stop bringing homework home, the speed at which we stop learning is drastic.

This is wrong. Learning is a lifelong pursuit and we should relish it once we understand its value. There’s an ongoing conversation about careers and industries going under and leaving unemployment and ungainful employment in their wake. Learning is our strongest protection against this. Plus, it keeps our minds fresh and our brains active.

I once asked my Dad about the importance of education and how frequently should we go back to our studies. His answer was that we should head back to our books at least every five years to remain current. Often, familial and professional factors prevent us from doing that. But we should be aware of the importance of learning and follow up on it, even if by reading a few books a year.

Go read that article. It’s really good. We all need more learning in our lives and polymaths like Da Vinci are proofs of exactly that.

What do you think?


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