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Gurgaon – A city in Chaos

Gurgaon is a hub for IT, youngsters and crime. Something needs to be done and that something needs to come from the Youngsters working there.

I don’t like writing about Politics on my blogs. It’s where I write about topics of my interest, things that generally revolve around tech, fiction or tutorials. But there are some topics that just burst out, needing a collective attention of everyone who cares. One such topic is what’s going on in Gurgaon, India, right now. The issue is that there is crime happening in the form of rape with a new case almost every day. Women are being targeted with an almost animal ferocity and the administration is really not doing anything about it. I was drawn to this story with the following article –
The author makes an extremely satirical letter on behalf of all the men, blaming the city administration for something that can only be called an act of sublime stupidity. The administration is invoking a decades old act that doesn’t allow women to work after 8 PM. The reason being given is that this will prevent rapes. The satire is so blatant that I asked myself one of the questions that the blogger asked. Do all men really just turn into animals after 8 PM? The administration is further at error because of this statement that the administration will not be responsible for any rapes that happen after 8 PM.
My question to the administration is – Why? Can you not ever protect people after 8 PM? Can you not deploy more forces, sensitize people towards the issue, construct more light poles and police check points at the crime-prone areas? Why are you resorting to putting your citizens through a curfew like position simply because you are a failure? There is perhaps no answer to these questions because the administration doesn’t think beyond the ideal, preventive measures that cost no money. While the administration decides to pull draconian laws out of the constitution in order to save it’s own image, the rapists are getting bolder and casual towards the law. Open abduction of women has also been reinforced by the ease with which the media blames the woman for inviting rape by wearing certain type of clothing or by keeping bad company. Let’s get that straight, a woman has certain rights and those rights do not give anyone else the authority to judge them. The administration’s habit of pointing the finger at the citizen has got to stop otherwise it will only lead to more rapes, as witnessed recently.
So far we’re talked about the problem. But no one is talking about the solution. Imposing draconian laws and blaming it on the woman’s clothing are not going to help. The victims of one of the rape cases was a 35-year old mother. What clothing would she have been wearing to invoke rape? What matters is that issues are made political very easily and thus the people around the case need to be sensitive with what they comment to the media.
What’s also important to understand is that candle-light vigils and marches also do not solve any problems or raise awareness in the collectively asleep conscience of the people of India.
What is called for is more political action by the youth. Spread the word that you’ll be voting this time. Ask Questions on company forums and in your coffee breaks, so that your colleagues and your company are aware that there needs to be more action. Information on politicians is becoming more easily available from websites such as MyNeta –
Also, ask your companies for stricter protocols regarding transportation. Ask for weapons trained and fully equipped drivers even if it’s for a single person and for a simple mall attendant’s ride home. Also, try and coordinate travel with colleagues and friends. There’s always safety in numbers. Both men and women should also enroll for self defense courses. There’s no better weapon that your own self.
It may seem that this is all hollow advice, but it is now a fact that the citizens need to take up arms for their own protection because apparently, the police and the state has decided to abandon us after 8 PM.

What do you think?


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