in poetry


It was a cold, dark, moonless night.

Heartless winds roared outside the cave,

Threatening to enter and destroy.

Not a soul among us spoke,

Our eyes were all looking at just one thing in the center

It was you, fyr.

The unsteady warmth you gave us was,

The only solace from the cold death awaiting us.

You were the only one that could make the night less harsh.

You flickered, unsure.

We flinched at the thought of loosing you.

But you remained.

You remained to keep us brutes alive.

You remained to keep us warm, however unsteady.

We lived that night.

The next day, at dawn,

Our fastest caught a hunt.

We toasted, as we roasted.

You gave us food,

Yes you did.

You kept us alive, fyr.

What do you think?


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