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Funny is Life :)

For the past few days, my Google chat status is what the title of this post is – “Funny is Life :)”

The reason for such a twist in a normal statement – Life is funny lies in recent events when I realized that coincidences happen all around us and only in retrospect can we know about them. But what amazes me more than these events is that life is worth a lot more than just sitting and feeling sad. Life is about being happy.

And so, it is not enough to say that life is funny, we should all know that Funny is Life!

Tag this as #FunnyIsLife in your twitter/re-post this blog post on FB/email it to all your friends,
do whatever you want to, just remember that

Funny is Life 🙂

What do you think?


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  1. Life needs to be funny because it was wasn’t we would pretty much get soaked up in reality and we would soon lose our minds. We must think of the lighter side of things to get through this crazy intricacy we call life. People go through this life looking at is it as a bitter state of mind of being normal. Well, what fun is that. That is the 64 million dollar question.