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It’s always fun to celebrate a birthday, more so when it’s your own. And so, it’s my birthday today and so is Rahul Manelkar, Sonali Singhandhupe, Sumit Bansal and Neha Bindra‘s. It has been a wonderful celebration till now, with a lot of good surprises coming my way, both edible and wearable (thanks Nipun bhaiya for this awesome Nautica watch!). It was also a very painfully fun birthday for me and shoutouts go to Mayuresh Varerkar and Jigar P Shah for the same (yes, my butts still pain). Overall, the starting of my birthday was a bigger bash than the rest of the day turned out to be, thanks to all those near and dear friends who cared to create just the perfect moment for me.
But apart from the fun and frolic and the watch-gazing I am doing (wink wink! 😀 ), there is a bit of sadness here. I miss my brother the most, his way of celebrating any event adds a whole new level of fun and awesomeness to it all. His way of saying that he’s always therefore me is by saying that there is no place in the world where he cannot reach me. I also miss my parents, who, while facing Delhi’s heat were still able to get through to me here in snowy Boulder. There’s something special in the way your family wishes you and I’ve had the pleasure to listen to them do exactly that. In all this while that I’ve been in Boulder since August 2010, today is the first time that I have missed home so deeply as to feel the miles of distance I am from it. Home, for me, of course, is where my family is, even if it is spread out over continents…
Birthday’s are a time for introspection (wow, I’m a year older! Wierd! ) and though some see birthdays as a day for sadness (anyone saw the Bollywood movie ‘Turning 30’ ??). But heck, I know that I’ve not even lived a third of my life. There’s a lot more coming my way and I’ll have fun all along!
So, it’s my first birthday Stateside and it’s been a fun day for me, from a yucky cake-cutting to an awesome dinner. Here’s to looking forwarding to a lot more fun in the coming year!

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