in memory


I love driving. When I was in India, I had a 180 cc bike that I loved taking out for a spin every day. Here, in the US, driving is a fairly stress free task because of the gear-free cars that are the status quo of the country. The past three days have been amazing because I’ve driven on the highway, hills and in rainy weather at night. It’s been an amazing journey but the one thing that has been driving me crazy is the speed. The standard speed on the Boulder-Denver highway is 65 mph (miles per hour) but in my Indian mind, it translates to about 105 kmph. That’s a lot of speed! While driving, the first reaction I’ve always had is that I don’t want to make any mistakes. A mistake at this speed means a definite accident. That one thought in mind is such a killjoy that I’ve been scared for most of my driving time. The last time I’ve driven, this very evening, at last, I was confident that I’m driving well and that I’ll not make any mistakes.


Perhaps, in a few more drives, I’ll be very comfortable with my driving and it’s other aspects, specially, the speed.

What do you think?


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