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CU Boulder Internet down?

My friends in Boulder are calling me up about a possible Internet downtime they’re facing. Everyone sitting inside the University of Colorado Boulder’s network is unable to connect outside. In fact, even the CU websites as well as associated institutes like NSIDC are down. This is an amazing level of downtime and what’s even more amazing is that there no hint of it, anywhere on the Internet. This link –¬†AS104 University of Colorado Boulder – Robtex¬†shows that CU is connected to the Internet by 2 main ISPs – Level3 and FRGP. Apart from that, normal users like my friends are connected via Comcast.

I’m surprised that all of these ISPs are down and there’s no report about this. I wonder when my friends will be able to get back on the Internet again. Till then, they’re on their 3G…

What do you think?


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