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Back to Instapaper

I’ve recently returned to Instapaper.

Why? Because it’s neat. I use Fever exclusively for my RSS consumption but the feed view in Fever is pretty bad. So, almost always, I found myself looking for a way to read interesting articles without visiting their ad-filled websites. Instapaper was embedded in Fever, but I discovered that if I don’t just want to save the article to Instapaper, I want to read it right then, I could easily integrate the “Instapaper Text” bookmarklet into Fever and go from there. Further, Instapaper’s code is smart enough to parse 99% of the sites I want to read cleanly (including, amusingly, :D)

This doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on Pocket. Pocket is still my favorite for generic bookmarking. All my “see later” video links go there, along with interesting websites that I want to pocket (pardon the pun).

But of course, Instapaper’s Send to Kindle feature is amazing too! I can’t believe Marco Arment isn’t charging for this nifty feature.

The only thing lacking? Note-taking. Though there are a lot of solutions revolving around note-taking on the iPhone and on Google Chrome, I’d really have preferred it if Arment had integrated a note-taking solution within Instapaper. I’m willing to pay for that!

Till then, I’m going to follow some good advice from the Internet and use the WordPress “Press This” bookmarklet for taking notes as drafts in my blog on Google Chrome and using SimpleNote on iOS. Let’s see how it goes. I might end up taking Instapaper’s $1/month subscription to get to the native apps on my Mac and all the other features that the subscription promises.

What do you think?


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