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A garden

A garden is the best anxiety med.

Colin Devroe

So true! I don’t have a garden, as I live in an apartment, but we have a small green corner, as well as plants littered around the house, including a bonsai that stands guard near our bedroom.

Tending to these beautiful plants, giving them water, talking to them, and telling them to grow strong and tall is so calming!

We’ve had a few plants die on us, but that teaches you about the lifecycle that every living thing must go through, and being more present – for if you don’t water them on time, they will die.

We have a few orchids. My mom loves gifting us orchids and hers blooms the brightest every year – giving us two of three white flowers that brighten up the living room and makes it truly alive!

The bonsai is a little ginseng tree that we got on a whim from IKEA. We had no idea how to tend plants then, and frankly, we still don’t. But seeing that fellow grow its branches and reach out to fill the space it’s in is a lesson in patience and perseverance. And in the power of IKEA ?

Colin is right and his words, though pithy, evoke something so true and meaningful in each of our lives. If you don’t have a garden, or a plant corner in your home, please make one!

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