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Facebook Notifications for Mountain Lion

Hey all,


Seems I’ve discovered a pretty good tool for Mountain Lion users. If you want to get Facebook notifications in your Notification Center in Mountain Lion, you can go to this website here¬†and download a tool called Facebook Notifications.


Of course, if you don’t know, you’ll have to go to your System Preferences and then Security & Privacy to allow yourself to install applications downloaded from Anywhere. This disables OS X’s new feature called GateKeeper and lets you download and install all sorts of cool apps.

After you’ve installed the app and logged in to Facebook on it, you’ll be able to get notifications from facebook right into your notification center. The notifications open up in your default browser.

This app has been developed by a dev who liked the Facebook integration that was present in the Mountain Lion developer version and missed it in the Gold Master version…


So, go ahead, download the app and enjoy Facebook in Mountain Lion…

  • rahul_mac

    i have downloaded that app but its not connecting though…when i click on connect nothing happens. pls help me out.

    • Dear Guest, I’m not sure what’s wrong with the app on your end. Perhaps re-installing it will help…

  • rahul_mac

    i installed this app and connected once. but application disc remains opened, when i eject disc application also gets closed

    • Rahul, You’re supposed to move the application from the ‘disc’ to the Applications folder. Then, when you elect the disc, the app will still run.

      Incidentally, can I ask you where you currently reside?

      • rahul_mac

        In Pune,Maharashtra,India.

        • nice… So you’ve got a Mac. Any other friends who’ve got one and face such problems?