@khurtwilliams if design were as personalizable as music, then yes, maybe that comparison would have some weight. As it is, I’m in favor of these big companies building apps that change based on a user’s needs. For example, if tweetbot can allow me to change between the tabs I use, why can’t twitter do it? Why can’t Facebook let me remove the video and marketplace tabs?

Similarly, Snapchat can give me an option to turn on text descriptions so I can use it better. In some ways, it feels like an accessiblity issue – I feel unable to use the app because of its design choices. Would it not be in their interest to get me as a customer?

I listen to Chillhop music when no one else around me understands it. But the ability to change the music when in a group setting is not any way available to users of a design, whether in apps, or many other things. That is why designers talk so much about making as inclusive a design as possible.