Re:The attitude of favourism towards certain careers..

You can’t blame the parents for pushing their children into what certainly are one of the most viable career options, money wise, in our society. The society is to be blamed for letting such attitudes develop towards the careers. But then again, the society merely represents our collective opinions. I guess the current scenario of putting financial considerations above anything else for choosing a career is partly to be blamed on our enormous population which strangles all chances of a free, fair and assured employment to one and all. Change is happening, as is visible in our films, their attitudes and styles. I think films are true barometers about a society’s maturity and status. Who would have thought it would be possible to make a film like Wake Up.. 10 years ago? Anyways, I digress. Point is, as long as we have a huge population and a corresponding infrastructure that falls pathetically short of providing any means of livelihood to the ‘alternate’ careers, this attitude will remain.