I have the 200GB iCloud Family plan which I thought I would need because we have 4 iPads and 4 iPhones. 61GB is being used. But it turns out that only 16GB of that is for backups. The rest is application data and file storage. 8GB for messages and 1GB for iPhoto. The family (in house and extended) loves creating photo albums for us to share and add to.

One thing we’ve realised during the pandemic after we added a Hulu subscription on top of Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+ is how much we hate weekly episodic shows. We’d rather watch a whole season of a show all at once over several days that wait for a once a week release. We may never watch regular TV again. 😃

You are right, …Wall Street is run by Institutional Investors and algorithms who only work towards short-term gains but I don’t know we can predict that Apple One have lacklustre appeal.