I’ve heard a few tales of a few hardware screwups. But those are besides the point – iPhones, specially one the one I would want, will run out before I can buy the first batch. That’s the power of Apple.

Awesome that you have all that 4K content. I don’t have it yet and I’m not there yet. Will get there in the next few years.

My wife’s iPhone XS Max does NOT unlock in darkness, or low light. So maybe Apple fixed the software? Or made better hardware?

I’m not discounting your software ecosystem. I’m just explaining mine. It works for me, so Apple One is not a pull for me. iCloud for sync doesn’t need more than 5 GB unless you’re sharing large video files, does it?

Dropbox is not frictionless for anyone any more. They’re quite spectacularly ruined their service. It’s just convenient for me.

It’s not about my geekiness, it’s about my ecosystem and my needs. Apple’s higher priced offerings don’t fit in them.

And finally, yes it WILL hurt Apple’s stock, but not because I didn’t become a customer of their recurring bundle Apple One service, but because Wall Street is run by Institutional Investors and algorithms who only work towards short-term gains.