I agree with you that tablets, as of now, are not PC replacements. No keyboard dock will be able to fix that. But I will disagree on some things, especially where you group iOS and Android:

1. Android is much more open that iOS, and much more productive, if you are looking for that. It allows file system access without any root, and much more with a root. Hell, I can put Ubuntu on it.

2. You can always change the default programs for anything on Android. Clear defaults, voila! Next time you open a link associated to that program, you’re asked to choose the program.

3. I will give you that Mac’s are the de-facto standard when doing creative things, even though I disagree on why. But anyway, my point is that if anything, development is more of a Linux or a Windows USP than a Mac. How? Just look at the quantity of software out there for Windows and then compare that with a Mac. Also, Windows and Linux are more open platforms than Mac.

But yes, totally agree with the point you are trying to make here. Tablets are mostly consumption devices, barring a few instances. If they are cheap, I might (read: did) get one ($139 for a Kindle Fire!). But anything above that, and it doesn’t make sense, to me.