@nitinkhanna This is the best posting I’ve seen here in months. How often do we see anyone advocating a high standard of behavior, positive spirituality? Hardly ever!

When I was in college at Oberlin in 1967, the college sponsored a several day conference on drugs! Supposedly intended to be informative. They had every person they could find to come speak about psychedelic drugs: Leary & Alpert from Harvard, Krassner, Metzger, Ginsberg, all promoting taking drugs in a sophisticated academic way. Utterly irresponsible on the part of Oberlin, but I don’t recall any criticism of the school at all. But I’m sure none of the parents knew how their tuition money was being spent! This was maybe 6 mos before drugs exploded in the popular culture and kids started dying. I suppose they thought they were pushing the envelope of informing the students in an academic exploratory way. The blind leading the blind into dangerous territory. Shameful.

Of course Leary gave the key performance with his turn on, tune in, drop out act. Alpert was still Alpert, not yet a guru. No one was there to suggest that maybe this was not such a good idea. There were no adults on the campus at the time.