They say change is the only constant. Vipul Sir, you have pointed out that Man is greater than Machine must not bow down to the ‘Input-process-output’ method. I agree with you but I also say that a person must be more like an engineer than a philosopher for a systematically successful life. A philosopher would rather argue about the pros and cons of running as an exercise to loose weight than actually do it. In other words a student like us, when turning to philosophy is basically turning to procrastination. Instead, the path of the engineer is that of application. It too is a continuous thought process but involves the math of solving a situation instead of an unbiased yet complicated view which leads to no conclusion. The engineer too keeps his mind open to new ideas but learns to implement them rather than to argue with them. That is what I have realized so late. It is better to Act than to Procrastinate… Wouldn’t you agree?