“The Simple way of Life does not involve these, just a clear understanding of what a Person’s work is and what the resultant thoughts and beliefs are.”
Nitin its very mch true bt everyone is not just cntnt with this kind of ‘simple’ life! Its true that being an ‘armchair’ philosopher is of no use, u also mst apply it and if u r not in d position 2 do so, u shud strive 2 reach such a position thru which u cn make a differnce.
But to start with, only those will bring a change who think.
An engineer has his own role to play, a politician his own. As long as we are satisified with our role in society, its good. But to follow a ‘simple life’ just because of the fear of the quagmire is not good.
And yes, u put it write, that thinking is a reassurance that we r superior to animals. But we are also superior to machines. So we cant make our life a simple ‘Input-process-output’ machine.
So to sum up it up, keep thinking and writing on philosophy and politics and whatever u like. Don’t cut that part of urs just because of ur work life.