A loss for civilization? Well, yeah, if you put it that way—civilization
is going to roll on, regardless. I
suppose you could say my effort is misplaced: perhaps better to work on helping
our civilization survive, to live on, rather than trying to look to the past.
But, put another way: do I want to preserve a civilization that doesn’t embody
any of the ideas that I care about? You’re probably right with your last line
there—maybe I consider myself one who has ‘absorbed’ the ideas of my time and
wants to ‘move on’ with those ideas in different ways. I can probably do this
just fine without ready access to the source material—but I am glad that I was
able to show Dont Look Back (1967) to a friend recently, rather than needing
to just recount my recollection of it.
Definitely don’t want to save everything. Just some essential bits. And I
shouldn’t try to be noble about it—just seems fun.
(And hey—kind of you to write up your thoughts, NK.)